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文苑节2010 - 庆祝微网周年


South American Musicians - 陶笛之歌 (流行音乐介绍)

te amo


These guys are very interesting. They come from South America, and there are about 9 or 10 numbers of them. Most of time, they make some groups and perform at different locations, and they cooperate with other vocal singers as well.

Today, they are playing 陶笛之歌 with three guitars and two panpipes. I stopped my steps because I have heard this piece many times, and I enjoy some audiences dancing with them. They are playing the main part, and another part has been recorded in the keyboard. However, although their live performances are so good, the quality of their CDs is so bad because the recording in studio is so expensive, and they can’t afford it I guess. Anyway, I still love their live performances. There are so many things we can enjoy in this country in Summer time as long as you can find a way to discover them.

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2.非常喜欢您的这句话:“有时候,蓦然回首不是为了伤感,而是为了给心灵一个机会休息,然后再重新出发。” 收藏在这里了。te amo♀2010-09-28 06:44:21
1.分享你的介绍,感谢你的热忱。吾临天下♂2010-09-27 19:18:12