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Recently I started to learn how to write limericks from a limerick-family of which everybody had been at it for years. They got me going by introducing me the book of ‘The Penguin Book of Limericks’….very funny.

I extracted the basic rules of a limerick as following: ‘A limerick is a five-line poem written with one couplet and one triplet. If a couplet is a two-line rhymed poem, then a triplet would be a three-line rhymed poem. The rhyme pattern is a a b b a with lines 1, 2 and 5 containing 3 beats and rhyming, and lines 3 and 4 having two beats and rhyming. Some people say that the limerick was invented by soldiers returning from France to the Irish town of Limerick in the 1700's.

Limericks are meant to be funny. They often contain hyperbole, onomatopoeia, idioms, puns, and other figurative devices. The last line of a good limerick contains the PUNCH LINE or "heart of the joke." As you work with limericks, remember to have pun, I mean FUN! Say the following limericks out loud and clap to the rhythm.’

Here are a few I have tried so far, just to start the ball rolling, and more to come:

There was a lady called Bell,
Appeared on ‘weiwang’ with a sweet smile,
In US, a blind cat met a dead rat,
With one suitcase she came and brought two back,
Has she got the best deal?!

There was a surgeon of Australia,
Could be trained in Inner Mongolia,
He operated on tumour,
Using no scalpel but a spanner,
A surgeon often mixes-up eyebrow with bear.

There was a lady called NO,
N for square, O for hole,
Lives in London speaking English,
Always fancied a Cantonese dish,
NO’s life is never dull.

There was a fellow called Frank,
At the ‘wenxuecheng’, he had a high rank,
One mouse and two keyboards,
He composed music of all sorts,
Nothing sounded like a heavy tank.

There was a young lady of Oregon,
Shooting photos with passion,
Flowers and landscape,
Woods around the lake,
With her, a pistol sounded like a Cannon.

There was a tall man called Timothy,
The lyrics he wrote were very fancy,
Going in and coming out,
Circling like a roundabout,
His efforts were definitely worthy.

There was an old Chinese man of New England,
Retired but full of poetic mind,
A piece out when he opened his mouth,
Over a year, he wrote lots,
An old Chinese man was at his own band.

There was a funny man of Beijing,
Went everywhere with donkey-riding,
An expert in roasting geese,
Made cooking as a hobby of his,
Poor donkey, only carrots for feeding.

There was a young lady called ‘fossil’,
Lived in San Francesco as a non-local,
Scary, worked in city on high voltage,
Rather lived in an country cottage,
Still was a fossil in a castle.

There was a young lady called ‘anonymous little’,
Had a mind of a wonder angel,
Presented Buddha with flowers,
Even though some may be borrowers,
‘Anonymous little’, lovely as a seagull.

There was a Chinese lady Herbal-doctor,
Trained in traditional acupuncture,
One needle and two clay-pots,
Curing pain and releasing body nodes,
The Herbal-doctor was quite a character.

There was a lady called ‘Butterfly’,
Medical career aimed very high,
Had a troop of female soldiers,
All smart and drop-dead gorgeous,
No wonder she was delightful without sigh.

There was a fellow called ‘PRO’,
Joked about himself as very slow,
Once was a consultant with ideas,
Nowadays became the head of mafias
Who said a man was too old to grow?

There was a young lady named ‘Greengrass’,
Grew-up with ‘piano, violin and brass’,
Introduced music with a true taste,
Not simply ‘copy and then paste’,
A lady who enjoyed Classics and Jazz.

There was a follow called ‘Lasting rocks’,
Translating lyrics in his blogs,
From English to Chinese,
Line by line in every piece,
A brilliant skill knocked off all socks.

There was a lassie of Oxford,
Served drinks in truckload,
Looked at the pictures she caught,
Accompanied with stories in her blog,
The ‘Ox-Girl’ had fingers of gold.

There was a young man called ‘Curious’,
Sometimes could be very serious,
Asked one question after another,
Occasionally could be quite a bother,
To Curious, avoided to get furious.

There was a country-teacher of Chinese,
Skilled in making videos with so much ease,
Occasionally showed signs of aging,
Tried to find the pair of glasses she was wearing,
Enjoyed life in full, and worries were the least.

There was a lady called ‘Webseeing’,
Fell forwards and backwards on skiing,
Dropped her camera, and knocked the lens,
Caused her four-limb all dents,
‘No harm done’, she stood up and kept going.

There was a lady called ‘Ordinary Director’,
Converted everyone to actress or actor,
‘Action!’, not for movies, but for parties,
Sounded quite like a general in the armies,
Would understand better if her messages were shorter.

There was a lady called ‘Springstream’,
Searched wrong words using a beam,
Included Chinese and English,
Also Japanese and Turkish,
‘Springstream’ appeared like a gleam.

There was an old Chinese man of Britain,
He held a mysterious profession,
With borrowed time from the God,
Spent it on the Photoshop,
A simple old man, hoped to get a good pension.

There was a lady called ‘Snow on the Chilly River’,
Spoken like a professional broadcaster,
Stories, poems and movie pieces,
Voiced as soft as tender kisses,
This lady could make a frozen soul hotter.

There was a lady singer called ‘Song of Dream’,
Recorded singing in her laundry dorm,
Either sang in a choir or solo,
Sounded sweetly like an angel,
‘Song of Dream’ made flowers to bloom.

There was a gentleman called ‘Eight thousand miles’,
Described his life journey as long as the Niles,
Loved cartoons and motor racing,
Enjoyed architecture and gliding,
An amateur gardener never minded ‘dirty nails’.

More to come........

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毕静♀2011-06-21 16:59:18
Thank you both!
毕静♀2011-03-05 14:51:34
23.老溜, 有打算为咱八路码一段吗? 特想看看如何译“八千里路”。。。谢谢高抬贵手放玉兔回月宫。化石♀2011-03-04 20:09:00
22.老溜,你这兔子五体投地的频率高得真担心它日后会失业因为脑震荡,my poor bunny.化石♀2011-02-09 22:24:00
Today is my boss's birthday. She is a big kind lady. This is what I wrote on the card :
Happy birthday!
Eat all you can take!
It's a pity doctor Cover
My present might come a year later
"You are fired!" That's what you might say!

People looked worried when they first read it and then bust to laugh.

Thank you for introducing Limericks !
毕静♀2011-02-08 13:43:28
毕静♀2011-02-06 14:04:01
19.哈哈哈,举双手赞同,小普呀,"would understand better if her messages were shorter"!化石♀2011-02-05 10:45:58
18.Nice to be recommanded, Ao8. Sadly I know who is the Queen, but the Queen doesn't know me. Never mind, having ladies like all of you here, who needs the Queen? 老溜号♂2011-01-30 06:18:00
毕静♀2011-01-26 21:56:21
16.普通人,没问题,也把你毕静算上,俺们把英联邦重新打理一下,给它换个马甲也行,溜大师,你说呢?澳八♀2011-01-26 20:27:00
15.澳八,您自荐时把俺也推荐一下呗?只要溜边儿的站票就中。普通人♀2011-01-25 21:30:06
14.澳八的推倒重来,行不?网景会跳巴蕾。。。毕静♀2011-01-25 21:08:20
13.wow, 溜大师,老实交待你还有啥不会D?俺向大不列颠王女皇强烈推荐你获本年度十字勋章,俺自荐作为英联邦澳鼠国成员随行观礼:-)澳八♀2011-01-25 18:26:28

多亏毕静在主坛的转贴,我才找到这里了。您的把式活还真多。Limericks 的规则听起来挺容易,但真写出来就谈何容易啊,您这么才华横溢,令人佩服。

青青小草♀2011-01-23 08:12:52
11.老溜号,“knocked off all socks”,thumb is up!毕静♀2011-01-22 23:18:51
10."A brilliant skill makes one shock"是否好些?

毕静♀2011-01-22 12:03:15
9.Love the "drop-dead gorgeous, head of mafias"....
Knock my socks off....
Bell♀2011-01-21 19:07:08
8.There was a sweet lady called Xiao Zu,
She lives near a garden and a zoo,
Cause she gave out flowers and a few kangaroo,
To us, she had all the nice things to say,
Seeing her words make us happy and gay;

There is a translator called Shi Jiu,
People like him are very few,
He painted Western lyrics with a Chinese brush,
Even though sometimes we make him blush,
We sure hope he didn't hide in the bush.

There was a sparkle lady called "San Yang"
Don't know what keeps her stay young,
Anything you name it, she can do the best,
Raising her son,taking pictures, talking about Liszt,
Or forwarding the best jokes to her guests.

Bell♀2011-01-15 08:05:59
职业看客♂2011-01-14 15:52:37
6.BELL(4):I am always wonder: Is he bald?
铃铛嘿, 这下算是让你说对了!那前额头闪闪发光啊!!
职业看客♂2011-01-14 15:51:16
5.There is a fellow calling himself 老刘
He likes shooting pictures and his rhyming is very 牛
He lives in Britian
Probably has a kitten
'Cause sometimes, his words are extremely gentle

Timothy♂2011-01-14 08:09:04
4.There was a gent called Lao Liu Hao,
His site is as bullish as US Dow,
His photos are more valuable than Chinese Vase,
Cause his selections are broader base,
His heart and soul is as gentle as Budda,
Give us feeling like eating splenda.

There was a lady call Ao Ba,
Her movie makes you shout "A Ha!"
She lives in Australia,
I would rather she lives in USA,
Then I can call her "Mei Ba".

There was a comedian called Pro,
He can be called Weiwang's guru,
I witnessed how his fans grow,
He makes you laugh out loud,
Read out loud, think out loud,
I am always wonder: Is he bald?

Bell♀2011-01-13 20:54:11

No♀2011-01-13 14:42:36
2.You got the ball, and rolled it very well... Congrates!!!

三羊♀2011-01-13 14:05:58
1.老刘头儿,这东西可是够fun, 够cool的。有啥高招没?教几招儿!职业看客♂2011-01-13 12:09:31