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Kenny G – Besame Mucho ( Sax )


They are the beautiful couple that I have made for a long time. I have been falling in love with this shot many years because it is not only you but also me. I love this color badly – love is blue. I can tell the music, poem, and emotions from it, but I never found these from other’s shots. I even don’t realize that all the music start to relate to you... ...The original one is your taste, but I love his impromptu part in this piece, and the major changing of the third part is so attractive to me.

I cannot remember how many times I have been drunk in your arms. It makes me feel so warm, safe, and even a little di…zzy, and this feeling is so so so good though. It's my wonderland, and I don’t want to wake up, and never… …Sometimes, I, myself, even feel a little weird that how come I can’t leave your embrace,only yours... and this has not happened in my life before. Ok, just because of all these sweet hugs, I’d like to spend my lifetime loving you, I swear.

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