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蔡琴 - 月光


I suddenly realize that this is what you want to tell me, and I do feel your soul from this piece. I cried for a long long time because I can feel your pain. The melody touches me so much. I’d love to share with you no matter it is sadness or happiness. You are not lonely anymore, for I will be here for you all the time.

I always listen to this piece for a while when I am staying here because it reminds me a woman whom I have ever hurt that I didn't realize at that time. She guided me to her heart, but I ignored her feeling, for I didn't get her meaning. She has been hurt badly when I noticed that. I was so young that I could not understand her. I could feel her pain, but I didn't know how much she needed me...We don't fit maybe...Anyway, after years, I decided to pay for it; otherwise, I always feel a little guilty. I spent whole day to take care of her when she was in hospital. Then, I am feeling peace, and I hope she is happy with her life.

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5.对不起,才看到您的留言。 您的这个问题太专业,恐怕只有老溜号能回答了。我只觉得它是紫色系, 但应该有个专业的词吧也许。te amo♀2010-10-04 17:25:09
4.图画挺可爱,色调很特别。能否准确地说明是什么颜色?吾临天下♂2010-09-29 19:47:24
3.I think you are feeling better now, have a nice week, I will be very busy this week, so see you when I see you:-)

I don't like the lyric as well, I wont post this song to anybody, because it will make people cry like you.
No♀2010-09-27 00:28:10
2.Thanks for your kindness. It is the first time I hear this song, but I do not like the lyric. te amo♀2010-09-26 20:04:37
1.The song takes my memory back to half year ago and I was touched by this song when I heard it. It made me decided to open myself to ‘M’.
Today I am listening to it again. I know what it does mean…Please don’t cry, if we can understand each other more, everlasting smile will replace the tear eventually, I am waiting to that day.

No♀2010-09-26 03:32:12