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South American Musicians - 陶笛之歌


These guys are very interesting. They come from South America, and there are about 9 or 10 numbers of them. Most of time, they make some groups and perform at different locations, and they cooperate with other vocal singers as well.

Today, they are playing 陶笛之歌 with three guitars and two panpipes. I stopped my steps because I have heard this piece many times, and I enjoy some audiences dancing with them. They are playing the main part, and another part has been recorded in the keyboard. However, although their live performances are so good, the quality of their CDs is so bad because the recording in studio is so expensive, and they can’t afford it I guess. Anyway, I still love their live performances. There are so many things we can enjoy in this country in Summer time as long as you can find a way to discover them.

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11.谢谢分享。每次出去旅游,每次看到街头艺人,我都要停下来,享受一下TA们的成果,给上点力所能及的经济援助,记得去年的一个艺人的母亲一直是在纽约地铁唱歌唱了十多年最后上了America's got talent show。老地雷♀2011-11-27 19:20:07
10.他们的演奏会让人感觉生活是需要passion的。很開心您喜歡:))Te amo♀2011-11-27 06:43:44
9.我也喜欢看那些南美来的印第安人的表演。 他们的音乐的性灵似乎可以随着微风旋转,带着清爽的气息洗涤着人的灵魂。虹♀2011-11-26 20:18:02


te amo♀2010-09-26 19:57:11
7.这让我想起在巴黎街头看到的卖艺手风琴手。他们穿得破衣烂衫,蓬头垢面,琴也小小的,旧旧的,但是他们拉得却极有风采,一点不比CD里的逊色。可是过路人匆匆,只有少数像我们这样的游客驻足。艺术的价值体现,似乎难以离开包装。我爱微风♂2010-09-26 08:41:52
6.外乡人, Thank you for the posting, I agree with Te amo, the feeling is totally different, this one sang by Placido is more solemn.

Have a nice weekend to both of you:-)
No♀2010-09-25 09:32:22
5.Welcome 外乡人! Here it is. Thanks for sharing. It is the first time I hear this song performed by Italian way. The feeling is totally different from popular way or instrument (panpipe) playing, and it’s amazing.

te amo♀2010-09-24 20:13:57

South America Music is my favorite too ! want to post above here ? I don;t know how to past the way you did, sorry
外乡人♀2010-09-24 19:41:49
3.I have this CD as well. I am looking for Salsa and Latin classes recently. Anyway, 7,000 is really expensive though. Professional recording costs huge money sometimes. Oh, money is really a lovely thing in this case, hehe. Have a nice weekend~~te amo♀2010-09-24 13:42:05
2.So relax, thank you:-)No♀2010-09-24 10:38:24
1.I have heard this music before, I think I do have the CD at home, I mean in Guangzhou. I used to spend all my Bonus to buy Legal Copy' CDs. Two of my close male friends have been encouraged by me to make their own Hi-Fi, that's a great enjoyment. Once we spend over 7,000RBM just for one cable of the link between amplifier before and after class.

Also I love South American Music and the dance.
I do love dance Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha and Rumba.

How about you?:-)

No♀2010-09-24 10:27:59