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Spanish Nights - Hazme El Amor (Spanish)


I know that you post this album for me. The soft singing and cello playing of this piece touch me so much. Our souls always can match each other, and that's the gift for us. Thank god.

Finally, I got this album. Compare to other Spanish music, this one is so soft, romantic, and sexy. I agree that women are more sensitive than men about music, especially romantic ones, but S is different because this is his music, and he loves this album so much as me. Yeah, how come I forgot…

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4.Our friend, a Spanish guy. We often share music once we find a good piece. Happy Moon Festival :)te amo♀2010-09-21 07:24:30
3.'but S is different', who is the mystery 'S', so curious;-) Good night:-)No♀2010-09-20 16:01:27
2.Actually, the melody has been lingering in my mind for whole day. Have a good week:-)

Good night:-)
No♀2010-09-12 15:56:15
1.No♀2010-09-11 01:22:44