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Giovanni Marradi – Summer Time (Jazz Piano)


在众多的现代钢琴家中,Giovanni的演奏技巧和即兴抒发和自由节奏的处理令我十分的折服。无愧与现代钢琴诗人的称号, 有着女人般的细腻. 他善于运用交替8度上下极近进行和华彩,手指的颗粒性强,力度均匀,行如流水,音质清晰。任由连绵不断的思绪从指尖流淌,时而象清澈见底流淌着的小溪,欢笑奔腾着的浪花,时而又象情窦初开,羞涩,略带犹豫的少女。。。 更加准确的说他的音色象水滴相互撞击的声音,晶莹剔透,感性,细腻。。。有时象灵魂的触须直接触摸最脆弱的soft spot.他的演奏不需要任何的装饰,其实也不需要其他乐器的帮衬, 很本色的抒怀.

This piece reminds me the period we were together. Today, when I was sitting beside you and looking at your face, I was thinking it must be destiny that god asked me to come back to you and take care of you even though you never show your pain, so I should stay and never leave you again. This is why I said that I wanted to spend rest of my lifetime loving you. Watch my eyes, and you can tell all the words I want to say. So just hold my hands without fear and go on with our lifetime, and this is my promise to you.

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2.It’s one of my favourites. I am listening to it with tears, thank you, lovely girl… … te amo♀2010-09-07 12:33:45
1.Hehe, you are so cute. This is your feeling about music? Happy New Day;-)te amo♀2010-09-07 06:57:24