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王俊雄 - 花间梦事 (竹笛)




No dream, no hope in my opinion no matter for love or for career. As long as you put all the sincere efforts and go for it, and you will get there sooner or later. Remember, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

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7.Sort of busy, girl^_^ Wish you happy all the time. I will drop by and say hi to you once I am free:))Te amo♀2011-05-09 17:49:09
6.谢谢你的问候, 这是我很喜欢的一首曲子. '來時無跡去無蹤;只此浮生是夢中. '

你怎么也是来无影去无踪的呢? 只留下一些音符和几行写意的诗歌(Tim语)...望常来...
No♀2011-05-08 11:32:49
5.珍惜生命, 不用客气,有好的音乐愿意和大家分享,很高兴您喜欢:))te amo♀2011-03-02 10:50:51
4.te amo,这首乐曲很动听,最喜欢开始的笛子部分,有空常过来听听,谢谢!珍惜生命♀2011-02-25 20:43:58
3.Wow, such a sensitive girl with great imagination. You are talented in arts I believe. It is ‘Xiao’ you heard from the music. Have a nice week :-)te amo♀2010-09-06 19:50:14
2.What a wonderful musical composition! Especially when it is playing in erhu fiddle, I don’t know why, just love it. My second favourite thing is the ‘Xiao’ or ‘Xun’(I guess). There are so many music instruments, each instrument is representing something. For example, the one I described as ‘Xiao’ or ‘Xun’, when I’m listening to it, I feel the fog on my face, and everything becomes misty. When the flute is rising up for the first time, I see the flower blooming, the second time, I see the flowers swaying……It is like walking in a blooming woodland in Spring.

Am I drunk? yes! Am I dreaming? Indeed!! So beautiful!!!

Thank you for sharing, te amo:-)
No♀2010-09-06 11:01:45
1.No, Here it is! This is a New Age piece with folk instruments, and I love this style. Hope you will like it too, enjoy :-)te amo♀2010-09-05 19:36:05