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George Skaroulis - Fragile (New Age piano)


美籍希腊裔钢琴家兼作曲家George Skaroulis,一直为这位年轻才俊手指尖幻化的美妙音符迷醉。Fragile(脆弱)是欧美摇滚巨星Sting(史汀)的经典名曲,来自Sting 1987年“Nothing Like the Sun”专辑, George Skaroulis将Fragile改编为钢琴曲,比原曲长了近3分钟,温柔动情的钢琴与Jean Pierre演奏的Flamenco吉它交织缠绵,令人几多无助,几多无奈, 黯然神伤...配器完美到及至。。。

We all have fragile moments sometimes. The love is so deep that we are so easy to get hurt, and this is what the love means to be? Even the heart beat in this piece sounds so weak, and the arrangements are so great. All the instruments using are nearly perfect to express the feeling about fragility of love. I don’t know how long the pain will last and how much we can bear, or we are too weak to stand anymore. We are just waiting for that moment though.

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