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“You can have the same neighbours for years,” the old man said. “You love them; or you think you love them. And you hope they love you. But do you ever really understand them?
“Charlie Kemp and his family lived next door to me for fifteen years. We were good friends for all that time. I enjoy friendship – I’m sure it’s the best thing in the world. And friendship with the Kemps was easy. Because they seemed to welcome it.
“They were interesting and intelligent people, but they were always in some sort of trouble. It was usually illness or accident, but there were other things too. For example, their house caught fire twice; and twice the whole family slept in mine. They were always losing things – money, keys, a watch, a camera. Pictures fell off the walls; the children fell out of bed … I used to wake in the mornings and think: “What will happen to them today?”
“I was their neighbor and their friend. Life was always interesting, never dull. Best of all, I liked the whole family.
“One day I lit a fire in my garden and was burning some rubbish. After a time Charlie Kemp came out of his house and walked up the road. ‘Morning, Charlie,’ I said. ‘Lovely day, isn’t it?’ He smiled at me and nodded. I went on with my work.
“Twenty minutes later a policeman arrived. He walked into my garden and said: ‘You’ll have to put that fire out. Your neighbor has complained to us. He does not like the smell.’
“’My neighbour - ?’ I said.
“’Yes.’ The policeman took out his notebook and read. ‘Charlie Kemp. He lives next door, doesn’t he?’

如果Charlie Kemp是你的邻居,你还会像以前那样去爱他们吗?

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3.这就叫做"知人知面不知心". 不论中外都一样的理. 所以我们就要遵从古人的教诲"害人之心不可有,防人之心不可无" 南方云♀2010-08-01 21:53:06
2.嗯,如果真的像作者所说的,跟Charlie Kemp认识很长时间了,彼此关系一向还不错,这种事儿15年里只发生了一次,没准儿中间有啥误会呢。可以直接跟邻居说,听警察说你抱怨我后院烧草的味道。今后再有啥类似的事发生,直接跟我讲就可以了嘛。但不知道对方心里究竟是怎么想的,说不定作者以前得罪过Charlie Kemp,自己没意识到。无名小卒♀2010-07-27 20:55:40
1.Hi Dude:

If you live in my neighborhood and lit a fire in your garden and burning some rubbish, I will give you some of my rubbish, say " Hey, neighbor, can you also burn some of mine?" To exchange, I will water you plants when you travel to China." That's how it happened to my neighbor. I gave them Chinese food that I cooked, they brought me Alaska Christmas Ornament, since they came from Alaska, and we also have plenty of supply of their home grown tomatoes, cukes, and lettuce during summer time, like now....

If Charlie Kemp lives in my neighbor, I will be cautiously dealing with them from now on, and ask God for forgiveness during Sunday service.
Bell♀2010-07-27 18:52:24