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Midnight Whisper



She gave me a big surprise yesterday. “Do not give me so much surprise; otherwise, I will love you more.” She smiled, “Are you serious?” Her talent makes her so different that I have never met before; actually I have never cared before I met her. “You are so patient, and I am so so touched.” “I am not a patient person, and it’s only happened for you.” Sometimes, we can feel or even can see the spark when our feelings are perfectly matching. We love this soul connection because it satisfied our emotional needs, and we have found each other finally. We really enjoy all of the matching moments, and it always makes us so so touched…

The melody pictures blue color, the string part sounds so beautiful. Also, piano part is attractive because of 华彩. Sax is a little funny because it sounds fascinated a little bit. Whole arrangement is so perfect. Actually, it’s a romantic piece, and makes me think of Santorini right away…We named it 'Midnight Whisper',and such romantic thoughts came from honey. He He...

Hopefully, we can get a chance to visit Santorini together because I think it’s a mystical and romantic place, and I am sure we will love it badly. My life is different since I have honey, for no matter where I go, I am considering being with her. I’d love to share all my happiness with her not only music. We will have some travel plan for this year. Yeah, enjoy the life; enjoy the love because not everybody can have it. *_*

I put my head on her shoulder, and we keep singing in our long trip. It is an amazing thing that this trip is coming so soon. We are like two flying birds never stop talking and never stop singing. I am so touched when we are in that famous Church. She knows that I always pray for us for our destiny, so she knows that I am gonna pray again. She is so lovely and standing beside me like a little cute kid. I tell her that just opens her heart to God because God has known she is my soul sister and he can see and hear us, so he, of course, will bless her as well. Honey is so so quiet when I am praying. We are so touched at this moment. God are protecting us in the path of our lifetime, and it has been proved many many times. We are in our path now and becoming real sisters.

We now have lots of fun together, travel plan, singing recording…My passion of singing comes from her love. I am recording some songs only for her that I never did for anyone else in my life. She creates a folder for my singing because she loves them so much; she loves to join me and accompany for me, and we will make CD for us in the future. We have repeated the first one many many times, and finally I have satisfied her and given her the final recording without pubishing, I can tell how happy she is. For the second recording, I should say it is her lovest one that I have recorded many times as well, but the final recording will take longer; therefore, she has to wait. She is telling that I am putting so much efforts on it because the second one is our favourite, and we will not pubulish it because it only belongs to us; there are so much love in it and keep us warm day and night. It is my return to her with my heart, like a lyric describing: 有你在身旁,心就不再流浪; 有你的地方,哪里都是天堂 ☺ (April, 2012)

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