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Peter Kater - Close To You



I’d love to name this piece “Soul Touching”. Piano and guitar’s playing are pretty matching like a prefect couple, and it sounds like touching or whispering softly, tenderly, and gently. It is pretty much like honey and me, the way we treat each other, and it is completely calm and peaceful and warm and safe and…

Honey is so sweet, for she is quietly accompanying me all these days. We keep talking with our tenderness and softness, and this way makes me so comfortable. She has changed a lot because she didn’t know how to get along with a little girl before me. “You are the unique one that I have never seen.” Yeah, it is possible because of my personality and life experience that some of my friends said the same thing. Actually, honey also is unique in her age, for she has young spirit inside and open-minded, and this is why we can hang out with each other for so long time.

Many years ago, she said she could feel my pain, and she is actually right that there is a mental telepathy between us because I can feel her as well. “What’s up? Are you ok?” “No” “See, I cannot calm down and concentrate, so I guess you are not good.” She is always right. I feel I am at home to stay in her arms. “I need you”, then, she starts to do something for me without any words because she knows that I need her badly when I feel so down. I like to kiss her and give her a big hug as an appreciation. This is soul sister suppose to be whenever you need. I, of course, am ready for her anytime.

One of my friends said to me, “It is really amazing and so touching that I never know women’s love can be so tender and soft like this.” Yeah, this is the women’s feeling that men don’t understand. Our promises of love will be everlasting.

Now, she becomes my protector. The closer, the more we need each other. No doubt, everyday is Valentine for us *_*

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7.谢谢橄榄树和丁香,周末愉快啊, 呵呵 ^_^te amo♀2012-02-17 16:02:53
6.无论用美女还是用美景作衬托,都好听。谢谢 te amo和丁香!橄榄树♀2012-02-16 23:17:51
5.呵呵,女孩子一般都罗嗦矫情,谢谢跟帖。te amo♀2012-02-16 21:11:05
4.文字真的很罗嗦重复矫情,直截了当的表述好点吧?泰兴♂2012-02-16 20:20:34
3.Little girl ? 呵呵

泰兴♂2012-02-16 20:11:31
2.When we listened to it first time, we felt it was exactly talking about us, so we named it “soul touching”, and it’s so so beautiful. Thanks for the youtube, I am happy that you like it :))te amo♀2012-02-16 11:16:52
丁香♀2012-02-15 21:59:11